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The sales process resembles the process of creating an art masterpiece - it takes skills, dedication, attention to detail, and huge time investment. Throughout our experience, we have seen that many sales companies make the mistake of trying to take on every task around the process on themselves, the results of which is usually a misled focus and negligence of details. These consequences could lead to jeopardizing revenues, profits and client relationships.                                                                                

We know that trading is a complicated business and we strongly believe that every sales company must focus on the selling process itself in order to be able perfect their skills and build strong grounds beneath their feet. To accomplish that, we advise our clients to narrow their activities only to those which are essential in building their long-term competitiveness.                                                             


Our goal is to help our clients achieve precisely that - freedom and time to focus on strengthening their positions on the market.                                                           


What do we offer?


  • Locate new producers for products according to your needs - technical and financial.
  • Periodically inform you on breakthroughs in product development and technologies within your sphere.
  • Build and nourish long-lasting relationships between you and your new suppliers.


What are you going to gain from your partnership with us?


  • More time to focus all your efforts on the essential tasks needed to be truly competitive.
  • Higher profits and turnover.
  • Lower costs for locating and testing new producers.
  • Faster reaction to market trends.
  • A trusted partner on your side.


Bulgaria, Sofia, complex Monastery, 1, 1a, 26

Phone number

+359 877 17 8575