We all know that the production process is a time and effort consuming process which requires huge dedication and energy investment. We believe that product development, innovation and optimization of the production process are mandatory elements to form the competitiveness of each an every manufacturer. In order for producers to be able to invest their time appropriately, we believe that they have to outsource all activities that do not directly influence their competitiveness. Not doing so hides the risk of shifting their focus and jeopardizing their profits. In order to avoid that we advise our clients to outsource all of their activities, which are not directly related to the production itself.                                      


We offer you to partially outsource one of the most important activities in this business, which is not related to the production process itself - sales.                                                                                           


What do we offer?

  • Find clients for your produce, who will either resell them or use them in their own production process.
  • Help you internationalize.
  • Nurture long term partnerships between you and your new clients.


What is your gain?

  • More time to focus on the truly important activities.
  • Increased turnover and profit.
  • Lower costs for marketing and sales activities.
  • Trusted partner on your way to success.



Bulgaria, Sofia, complex Monastery, 1, 1a, 26

Phone number

+359 877 17 8575